A Family Tree Kit Makes A Great Gift Or Craft Idea

Family Tree Kit
family tree kit-you can do it.
(Frame not included.)

Family Tree Kit only $19.95

Purchase a single Family Tree Kit for only $19.95. Keep it for yourself or send it to a friend.

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5 Family Tree Kits only $74.95

Purchase family tree kits in bulk and save $25. Get 5 tree kits (trees, leaves, name plate, and corners) and 1 set of instructions and 1 glue stick to share.

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the family tree kit includes everything you need.

Family tree kit close-up.

Family tree kit completed.

Family tree kit framed.

The family tree kit on display

Get This Family Tree Kit Today!

This family tree kit includes everything you need to create your own beautiful, 18" x 24" family tree. It doesn't matter if you understand family history or not, this family tree kit includes easy-to-follow instructions that walk you through every step of creating the tree.

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This Family Tree Kit Makes a Perfect Gift

The family tree kit makes a great gift for a friend or family member; or a fun craft idea for family get togethers, craft nights with friends, or activities at a church event.

And right now, each family tree kit is only $19.95!

"Fun project to make! Took me an evening and instructions were easy to follow."
—Chrissy P.

"I love my family tree. I have it hanging right in my entry."
—Joan O.

Have your kids ever wondered why
they have so many freckles?

With this beautiful family tree kit, you can point to great, great grandma Rosie's name, and tell them all about their heritage. Share fun and heart-felt stories about your family with your children and grand children.

Get your family tree kit today.

Celebrate Your Family Heritage
with a Family Tree Kit

Strengthen your family bonds. Teach you children about their heritage. Share the stories of your past with friends and family members.

This family tree kit is a great opportunity to record your roots in a beautiful piece of wall art.

The Perfect Gift for the Genealogist in Your Family

Nothing will warm the heart of your grandmother or impress a friend who is interested in genealogy than this family tree kit. 5 generations of family beautifully displayed in an 18x24 print.

The family tree kit is easy to assemble and includes everything you need to complete it:
  • 18" x 24" tree print on quality 70 lb cardstock
  • genealogy flowchart ready to fill out which will make your kit easy to assemble
  • colored intructions sheet that is simple and easy to understand
  • 1 sheet of blue leaves, for male names
  • 1 sheet of green leaves, for female anmes
  • name plate card with four photo corner holders
  • glue stick

Buy 5 and Save

Want to share a family kit with your friends and family? You can buy a bulk family tree kit which will allow you to build 5 family trees. Everyting you need is included.

Buy 5 Family Tree Kits and Save. Only $74.95!